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Polarizing Video Marketing!

We convince your customers in just a few seconds.

✓ More Sales & Brand Awareness
✓ More Leads & Trust
✓ Stand out from the competition

Your strategic video marketing partner for your company or service, not just some agency.


You want…

More Customers?

Our goal is clear: We want to bring you more sales and new customers. We bring your product or service to the screen of the people who are interested in it. Targeted advertising campaigns and maximum efficiency of advertising budget are our trump card. We build your brand with strategic video marketing.

Better Branding?

With Seven Heaven Media as your partner, you benefit from a fully approach; from concept development to distribution via various channels, we maximize the reach of your Brand and it’s awareness. In this way, you not only generate attention, but also sustainable success in the Business world.

More Leads?

Then we are the perfect partner for your business!

We not only ensure that you get more leads, but also increase the quality of your leads. Your potential customer is warmed up by our ads and advertising campaigns and all you have to do is take the order! easy, right?




Commercial – Jack Daniel´s Honey

The famous Whiskey Brand from Tennessee

Our Product Advertisement for Jack Daniel´s Honey Whiskey. Sweet Honey combined with smoky Whiskey flavours served in a glass full of Ice Cubes.

Commercial – Gönergy

Energy Drink by Montanablack

This advertising clearly has the goal of brand awareness. Beautiful product videos that evoke a desire for the 3 delicious flavors.

Commercial – Streetfood 90439

Burger Franchise

The best smashed burgers? are at Streetfood90439. We make people aware of that and build the franchise with brand awareness Advertising as Viral Short Form Ad.


High Class Video Marketing Made in Germany.

Ad Production

As a leading media agency, we excel in creating powerful commercials that ignite brand awareness and leave a lasting impression. Our expert team meticulously designs and produces commercials tailored to your unique message and target audience. We seamlessly blend creativity, strategy, and cutting-edge technology to deliver commercials that not only capture attention but also drive tangible results. Partner with us to transform your vision into compelling, memorable commercials that elevate your brand to new heights.

Marketing Campaigns

We specialize in crafting comprehensive advertising campaigns that propel companies to success. Our team leverages creative expertise and data-driven strategies to tailor campaigns that resonate with your target audience. We meticulously plan, execute, and optimize each campaign to ensure it delivers maximum impact and ROI. Trust us to transform your brand’s vision into a compelling narrative that drives engagement and propels your business forward.


At Seven Heaven Media, we excel in producing captivating image films that tell your company’s story in a compelling and visually engaging way. We combine creativity, high-quality production, and a deep understanding of your brand to create films that leave a lasting impact. From concept development to post-production, we handle every aspect of your image film with precision and passion, ensuring it aligns with your brand’s message and goals. Choose us to bring your vision to life and leave a memorable impression on your audience.

Employer Branding

At Seven Heaven Media, we focus on innovative employer branding through appealing image and recruiting films. Through authentic insights into your corporate culture, we convey not only professionalism, but also the unique working atmosphere that attracts talented employees.

Our tailor-made films for employer branding give your brand personality. Potential applicants get a clear impression of your company through emotional stories and visual elements, which promotes identification with your brand.

Still not convinced?

What distinguishes
from other

Andre Balsam – Co Founder
Explains exactly what sets us apart from the many other providers in the online media market. Watch this video to understand our USP.

The process

Want a quote? This is our procedure.

Step 1
Book a Call

Fill out our form and Book a short 20 Minute Phone Call at a Date of your Choice. We only need a few information to prepare for the non-binding initial consultation Call with you.

Step 2
Initial Consultation

In the non-binding initial consultation Call, you will talk personally with us about whether we can help you and what you need by asking you some questions. The consultant will call you by phone at the Date of your Choice.

Step 3
Strategy Meeting

If everything fits in the initial meeting, then there is a non-binding detailed strategy meeting. In the conversation it then becomes clear whether we are a personal fit and could work together. If so, you will then receive your personal offer from us and the Kickoff can start.

We are 7HM.


Andre Balsam – Co Founder & Head Of Media

“After numerous trainings, coachings and seminars in the areas of marketing, sales and film I founded the agency “Seven Heaven Media” with my partner Theodor Sporea. 7HM pursues the clear goal of using the possibilities that have come with digitalization in the most efficient way and producing advertisements that stay in people’s heads.”


Theodor Sporea – Co Founder & Head Of Marketing

“At Seven Heaven Media, we see our clients not just as partners, but as part of our creative family. Our relationship with clients goes beyond a mere business relationship; it is a partnership based on trust, innovation and shared success. Every success of our clients is a triumph for us. At the end we sell the Resultats and our process – Videos and Ads are just our Tool for that.”

Located in
Dubai & Germany

Video Marketing from Germany for companies worldwide.

7HM literally started from the nursery. Today, we are located with our team in Germany and Dubai.

We serve clients from all over the UAE, Germany and worldwide.

Our focus is on creative projects we realize for our partners – you don’t pay for our time, or for our equipment, but for the factual added value and the results you get from us.